In Felline

A little village right at the end of the “Heel of Italy”, in the heart of Salento, piece of land that splits the Adriatic Sea by the Jonio Sea. We are in the middle of a plain, lashed by the winds coming from any directions, meeting no barrier but just low dunes, known as “Serre”. Just 5km away from the Ionic Sea, at the same sea altitude level, our vineyards are enriched and protected also by the change of the winds, of the sun and of the sea too. Due to the plain landscape, the solar irradiance is almost uniform during the full day; to enrich the photosynthetic activity the breeze of the Scirocco (wind from south - east), the Tramontana clouds (northerly and colder) and the clearing of the Maestrale (wind from north-west), play an important role.



Piazza Castello,14
73040 Felline (Lecce) Italia
Tel: +39 0833.985241
mobile +39 3487792184
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