How We Make It

Just those vines storically compatible with our territory patterns are cultivated:

  • Negroamaro
  • Primitivo
vines with personality as the soil which feed their plants.
We in fact keep and we safeguard the cultivation using the pugliese vine.
We aim to improve the self defence of the plants throughout the soil regeneration process and the biodiversity of the surrounding spaces. what we always put in place is the symbiosis of biology, with a synergetic approach, the bio-dynamic and an organic - regenerative solutions. All these factors gather towards an all-around balance, and this is also a life style.

Marta is there in any single step of her wines making process, in first line during the prune of the vines, looking after the soil all year long, holding on for the new buds, overcoming without damage the summer ‘thirst’ and then it is already time for harvesting.

In all these phases she is well supported by her collaborators.
On the land, both women and men are always working hard with three extremely precious partners: the original grass which cover the surface, the little animals which like to dig around and the micro-organisms that process all the materials in the ground.

The organic cultivation is certified.
The raw wine-making is a shard certified process.

azotofissatrice spontanea

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