We definitely come from the land, as direct succession

The legacy with the countryside background got from the “Grannies”, those to whom the project is dedicated too. Marta found “Dei Agre” back in the 2001 and now she leads the company in a period when the attention for the requalification of the rural environments and the land around. Lots of patience, love and a pinch of bizarre trials to improve the organic composition of the soil, because it is in the ground that the roots will absorb the primary nutrients that the plant uses to feed his fruit.

The production of NegroAmaro and Primitvo wines all around the Salento area is now a common experience, but winemakers will always have a slight different product because of the changes in soils and plants. Our wines have a nerve and reticences like the grow of the plant. Our wines are bucket and with hard hedges, copying the smooth and jagged shapes of the ionic arch coastline. Some of Marta’s agronomical choices are actually some “cru”

vigneto da potare vigneto inverno 2017 Marta a lavoro