It was a concept that was born as selling point for our domestic food and wines productions, this spirit is like a spontaneous evolution inside osteria, with a careful look for the rural cooking that mixed with the our inner tendency to share they merge into the union Cucina-Vino, kitchen and wine.

If they are not coming from our own land, all our ingredients, both vegetable and meat ingredients, are bought from local farms we personally know, places where there is a bio-production.
Genuineness is our must The respect of the personal health and of the environment is our comand.

Besides our wines, we offer also the wines of our colleagues, to enjoy at our tables or to take home.
Vita Colta is that casual place where people stop to have a glass of wine, to enjoy a proper meal or just snack a small delicattessen, to have a chat pampered by the quite atmosphere of Piazza Castello, place often used for public musical and theatre performances organised always by Marta.