What We Do

From the synergetic relationship between men & land, we drink good wines and we squeeze excellent olives oils. A small amount of vegetables and legumes we grow too and just what exceeds the family requirement is cooked for the osteria‘s guests. The grapes are harvested by hands, boxed and shipped in the cellars, where they are selected and pressed.
The fermentation starts spontaneously; following a slow maceration starts on the skins. The first diversion, together with first autumn cool temperatures prepare the wine for the long resting till the bottling happens. A regular small testing of the products will help to grant its evolution

Our Wines


Lunatico (Easy to change, moody, effected by the moon): red wine made with only Primitivo grapes. Elegant, right level of alcohol, a reinforced fruit by the effect of the tree shaped vine cultivation and the flooded lands, known as “Vignali”. The phases of the moon govern many of the activity on the earth, so most of the operations we carry on in the countryside just follow the moon’s activity.


Racimolo: red wine made by just NegroAmaro grape. It is a real rural vine, we got a weak spot for it. It express all the mineral from the clay soil and the scents from the all surrounding mediterranean scrubs. Racimolo is term whom in botanic is called the flower of the vine. We could not choose a better name for this wine!


Amaranto: it is a Rose wine we get from blending the NegroAmaro grapes with the the Primitivo ones. The Rose wine is ver the tables of the Salento families since the times, designed for who could not stand for the “tannicitá“ typical of the red wines. Our rosé comes with a soft fragrance and an original intense colour given by the skins of the Primitivo grapes. The acid and long-lived is a gift from the NegroAmaro.


Magredé : red wine special edition with just NegroAmaro. It is the Racimolo wine that in special years is kept in wood barrels for two years more. It is the best expression of the spicy notes from his original vine. Our wines are made to be tasted. The vineyard print is easy to recognize, yet the wines will always have a slight different taste, unique like the season when they were made. We maybe can say that our wines are free wines!

Our Oil


Salento and all the rest of Puglia is famous like “The Italian Oil Mill”, at the least to the days when the bacteria Xylella decimated hectars and hectars of rural Salento oil trees of the variaty Ogliarola. Those trees were older than a centuary and the represents part of the penisula green lung. On our fields almost half of the centenarian oil trees are surviving. They give us little and extremely smelly olives that we harvarst when the maturation is not complete so to make that precious seasoning that we want it missing from our tables. Simente is the name we gave to our oil. This word in our dialect means “seed”.